Online Flooring Claims

Effortlessly and Swiftly Identify Flooring Issues, Causes, and Solutions

Floor Detective offers a comprehensive online reference guide dedicated to flooring claims. This invaluable tool enables you to swiftly determine the nature of a consumer’s flooring complaint, pinpointing the most probable causes such as manufacturing defects, installation complications, usage and maintenance concerns, and normal characteristics.

The Floor Detective’s expansive online claims reference library delivers the industry’s most extensive range of information concerning consumer flooring complaints. Developed as a technical reference, this resource serves as a valuable aid for individuals at all levels of expertise, from novice sales associates to seasoned professionals, facilitating the identification and comprehension of consumer grievances. Each individual claims page within the library is accompanied by descriptive information and illustrative photographs, empowering your sales associates with the confidence and knowledge required to effectively communicate and address the issue with the manufacturer, installer, and consumer.