FloorDetective.com is a comprehensive diagnostic tool designed to assist flooring retailers, inspectors, claims analyst, regional sales reps, interior designers, builders and consumers, understand and more accurately identify complaints associated with flooring products. This single tool is a resource for diagnosing issues, citing detailed information for claims, finding local inspectors and more! The information provided in this application has been created by top industry leaders and contains over four years of research. FloorDetective.com was developed by contributions and reviews from top independent Certified Inspection Trainers, Inspectors, Certified Installation Trainers and manufacturers. These industry experts are listed below.

Floor Detective Contributors

  • David Zack (Flooring Inspections of Michigan)
  • Mike Harde (Harde Floorensics)
  • Fred Gamble (Advanced Flooring Systems (AFS)
  • Jeff Bishop (Clean Care Seminars)
  • Martin Brookes (Heritage Marble & Tile)
  • Carey Mitchell (CRMitchell Consultants, LLC)
  • Alan Buttenhoff (Shaw)
  • Roy Reichow (NWFC)
  • Chris Hix (Shaw)
  • Bruce Gentry (Mohawk)
  • Scott Bradley (Mohawk)
  • Dylen Gentry (Mohawk)
  • Gary Bittner (Mohawk)
  • Judy Floyd (Beaulieu)
  • Jim Hernandez (Royalty)
  • Mike Sundell (Consultant)
  • Libby Longstreth (School of Surface Technology)
  • Evan Laurdisen (Shaw)
  • Tim McAdoo (JJ Haines)
  • Will Stoner (Inspector Training Service (ITS)
  • Claudia Lezell (Inspections Too)
  • Robert Varden (CFI Executive Director)
  • Drew Kern (NWFA (Instructor), Mike Sundell
  • Mark Brown (Carpet Arts Inspection Service)
  • Robert Goldstein, Jim Smith (JBS Consultants Inc.)
  • Jon Namba (Namba Services Inc.)
  • Lew Migliore (LGM and Associates)
  • Steven Tolli (S/L Inspection Service)
  • Noah Chitty (Dir of Tech Services Crossville, Inc.)
  • The Academy of Textiles and Flooring.
  • Lee Philips (Professional Testing Labs)
  • Jim Burnett (J and J Invision)
  • Tim Chavey – (Armstrong)
  • Len Daubler (Shaw)
  • Don Zimmerman (Wellmade)
  • Dave Garden (Installation Services)
  • Gregory Mowat (Forensic Tile Consultants)
  • Greg Hathaway (Southwind Carpet Mills)
  • Joe Denman (FCITS)
  • Paul Pleshek (NAFCT)
  • P.J. Arthur (NFIC)
  • David Hunt (Vermont Custom Rug)

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Liability Waiver – No Guarantee or Warranty – The information contained in Floor Detective was designed to assist the reader in recognizing, identifying and understanding many of the most common flooring complaints. While the information was reviewed by many knowledgeable individuals and manufacturers in the flooring industry for accuracy, we can assume no responsibility or risk for the use of this material. Additionally, we assume no responsibility for the reliance of any information related to manufacturing, installation, maintenance or performance issues. Each complaint is unique and should be evaluated based on the appropriate factors observed at the job site. Manufacturer’s tolerances and applicable installation, maintenance and warranty guidelines, and applicable industry standards, should be consulted as part of the claims investigation. Any errors or omissions brought to the author’s attention will be corrected in subsequent updates.

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