FloorDetective is a powerful diagnostic tool

that was created to assist flooring retailers, inspectors, claims analysts, regional sales reps, interior designers, builders and consumers, in understanding and more accurately identifying complaints associated with flooring products.


FloorDectective.com version 1.0 covers carpet, hardwood, laminate, vinyl and tile issues with high-resolution photographs of the issue, its name and the cause or causes.*  Also included are field-testing suggestions as well as information about lab tests and minimum industry standards. Many new pages are being added throughout 2014 – 2016.

The detailed information from the FloorDetective can be cited when writing reports for claims, including manufacturing defects, installation issues maintenance complaints and normal usage characteristics. The information provided is written in basic terms that both a seasoned professional or novice homeowner can understand.

*Current additions include diagnostics for hard surface flooring including wood, laminate, vinyl and tile.


Find an Inspector ScreenshotFind an Inspector:

Easily find a local certified Inspector through FloorDectective.  A list of over 700 inspectors from around United States, Canada, Mexico, England and Australia is featured and constantly updated by the FloorDetective.com team. This includes inspectors certified through the IICRC, FCITS, NWFA, NALFA, ITS and AFS along with NICFI members.

Subscribers can simply type in the address where an inspection is needed.  The map shows a pushpin identifying the inspectors nearby.  Tap or click on the Inspector pins and a box opens up with the inspector’s information. Click on the “Hire this Inspector” button to send an inspection request directly to the inspector.

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